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Carlo Malerba

Graduated from Politecnico di Torino, registered Architects in Turin, Madrid and Paris.
Contract Professor in Politecnico of Torino in the academic  year 2002-2003.
Professor at Master Exhibition IDEA at the Politecnico of Milano from 2007.

He starts his activity in the early 80’s, addressing his own professional research  on the coordinated image projects for internationals brands. 
Develops his own professional research in the application of corporate identity value, in the architecture of headquarters and in exhibition; turning them into communication tools where the formal aspects has to meet marketing requirements.

To reply to the increasing activity, in 1985 he founds Carmadesign, a “piazza” where joins different designers skills, breed an interdisciplinary space; where architecture, graphic, communication, experience, technic, and different working process; they can become contaminated stimulate and enrich each other.

In 2007, he wrote “from dream to sign” a book that shows the evolution of exhibition design where remarks the importance as a communication tool to 360 degrees.

He has project and build in Italy, France, Spain, UK, Belgium, Brasil and China.

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